Orafol Canada Inc Cut Vinyl 12" x 1 Yard ORACAL® Oramask 811 Stencil Film by Crafters Vinyl Supply

ORACAL® Oramask 811 Stencil Film

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ORACAL® Oramask 811 Stencil Film  is a rigid 3 mil thick white spray mask for use with etching and painted backgrounds, as you paint will be not be pulled up. Due to its relatively high stiffness, this stencil film is especially suitable for spraying and painting onto large, smooth surfaces.  It has a clear, low tack and water soluble adhesive. Best for use with water based and latex paints. 

  • Flexibility: Rigid
  • Finish: Matte
  • Colour: White
  • Removability: Removable
  • Adhesive Type: Water based, removable
  • Thickness: 3 mil