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Crafter's Vinyl Supply Cut Vinyl 12" x 1 Yard Authentic Glitter - Diamond Silver by Crafters Vinyl Supply
Crafter's Vinyl Supply Cut Vinyl 12" x 12" Authentic Glitter - Diamond Silver by Crafters Vinyl Supply

Authentic Glitter - Diamond Silver

Crafter's Vinyl Supply
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Gemstone Ultra Metallic Vinyl is a 3 mil thick (.075 mm) vinyl that has a 5-7 year lifespan. This typically means 5 years for outdoor applications and 7 years for indoor applications. Gemstone Metallic Vinyl provides resistance to typical chemicals such as water, oil, gasoline, and anti-freeze. Because it has the ability to stretch and conform to the surface shape it can also be installed as a wrap.

Gemstone Metallic Vinyl is a stunningly beautiful vinyl, laden with metallic flakes, that will add elegance and dazzle to your designs. It is used for permanent and/or outdoor applications as a decal or as a wrap (including signage, automotive or marine installations). In addition to its spectacular sparkle, Gemstone Metallic Vinyl has a high gloss finish.

  • Finish: High Gloss
  • Lifespan: 5-7 years
  • Usage: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Removability: Permanent
  • Thickness: 3 mil


  • Boating and other Fiberglass or Gelcoat applications: Boats, Carnival Ride Cars, Pre-Fab Domes
  • Fishing Lures
  • Ceramics (after firing)
  • Christmas Ornaments and Decorations
  • Bars & Counters
  • Posters & Displays
  • School Art Projects
  • Parade Floats
  • Masks
  • Theater Sets
  • Party Decorations
  • Children's Crafts
  • Craft Kits
  • Indoor Signs
  • Store Window Displays
  • Home Decorations
  • Applied on Glass
  • Pictures/Mirrors
  • Walls & Ceilings (Blown on when paint is wet)
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Photo shoot effects