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Crafter's Vinyl Supply Cut Vinyl 12" x 1 Yard Black Chalkboard by Crafters Vinyl Supply
Crafter's Vinyl Supply Cut Vinyl 12” x 12” Black Chalkboard by Crafters Vinyl Supply

Black Chalkboard

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Chalkboard Vinyl is the solution for decoration that is both functional and attractive. Whether you’re repurposing old doors and frames or bringing new life to a refrigerator, chalkboard brings a sophisticated style to any room. It is also perfect for menus in restaurants. This material is scratch-resistant and there is never that annoying “nails-on-a-chalkboard” sound no matter how hard you scrape at it.

Chalkboard paint has recently made a resurgence as a DIY-er’s friend. However, the long wait time between coats and general messiness of the paint make it more of a chore than a project. Chalkboard vinyl creates an instantaneous surface and can be cut down to suit any shape or size. Cut it into squares to turn a bedroom wall into a chessboard formation, or cut it into strips to label glass jars in the kitchen.


  • Functional and attractive
  • No Wait Time
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Usage: Indoor only