Styletech Colour Change Red Hot Yellow

Styletech Colour Change Red Hot Yellow

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Styletech Colour Change Red Hot Yellow

StyleTech Colour Change vinyl responds to its environment by changing colour depending on the temperature. This vinyl is best suited for window and glass graphics including cups and pitchers. They are not dishwasher safe and are not recommended for outdoor use. Two choices are available: Cold Blue and Red Hot Yellow.

StyleTech Cold Blue is translucent white at room temperature but turns blue when chilled below 15°C. Warm it back up and it returns to frosty translucence.

StyleTech Red Hot Yellow is red at room temperature and turns yellow when heat above roughly 80°C. Cool it off and it returns to it's original red colour.


  • Colours / Finish: Changes colour with temperature
  • Outdoor Durability: Indoor use only
  • Film Type: Calendared
  • Release Liner: 78# kraft
  • Thickness: 3.5 Mils