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Transfer Tape Personalities

Tape is quite temperamental depending on the season and our customers taping experience and application styles. We always recommend that the crafter or sign shop weeds their graphics, roll out the tape sticky side up, roll or place the graphics face down onto the tape, and squeegee firmly onto to backside of the liner paper. Once finished squeegeeing, roll off the liner paper at a sharp angle leaving the graphics and tape laying face up until application time.

Often, once the humidity is lower in winter due to heaters and dryer air indoors, the tape adhesive level drops a bit. Most commonly, the tape isn’t picking up the vinyl as the vinyl is stuck too aggressively to the silicone liner. Sometimes, there the silicone saturation is too low on the liner paper causing the lifting challenges. The vinyl company is ‘at fault’ in these instances and has nothing to do with the tape tack level.

If we take tape back, we test it and most times the ‘defective’ claim by our customer was a result of one of the reason above, most commonly inexperience or inflexible taping techniques.

Very rarely, the manufacturer has sent us tape produced near an end of a production run or sent tape with lower tack levels. This doesn’t happen often.

We're happy to say that our tapes are very high quality and will get the job done right the first time! Take a look at our transfer tape collection.