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Is 341, 651, 751, 951 Oracal Vinyl Safe for the Dishwasher?

Is 341 vinyl dishwasher safe?

341 has a water based adhesive and because of this I would not recommend this material for this type of application. The reason being even with hand washing (which is recommended) the water could compromise the adhesive and cause an issue. 

We do not recommend using our material in a dishwasher, the pressurized water and the heat could cause an issue with the material lifting or even potentially coming off. Also, dishwasher soap tends to have bleach or other chemicals that can cause the vinyl to breakdown prematurely. For best results we recommend hand washing only.

I would recommend 651 on anything that would need to be washed, 751 or 951 could be used as well if the material needs to be conformable.

That being said people use 651, 751, and 951 in a dishwasher all the time and do so successfully, but the customer needs to be aware that this is not a recommended or intended use of the material.

Tim Bennett
ORAFOL Canada Inc.